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Skills Development & Training

We acknowledge the duty of a corporate citizen and over time became one of the best providers of skills development opportunities.

This is not just a false promise, during the 2022/23 financial year Trans-Africa Projects (TAP) supported 506 learners through training programs and bursaries and we aim to exceed this figure during the current financial year.

Classroom, Practical and Online Academic Training Programs

Our focus remains purely in the engineering discipline and related power infrastructure development skills requirements. Our access to resources, skills and expertise have allowed us to dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort to develop and coordinate training and learning opportunities for existing Trans-Africa Projects employees and external delegates.

Through our classroom, practical and online academic training programs, Trans-Africa Projects is able to provide engineers, students and new graduates with training solutions that enable continuous professional skills development. This is achieved by utilizing engineering courses which have been adopted from modern engineering practices.

Our reputation for professional service delivery is obtained through constant up-skilling and re-skilling of employees and candidates in the engineering industry.

Trans-Africa Projects Training Interventions


Overhead Lines

Planning, Design and Construction of Overhead
Lines training course

Min 10 delegates
Max 20 delegates
SAIEE-1633-RV3 (5 CPD Points)

R19 800,00 pp

4-8 March 2024 | JHB

Planning, Design & Construction Of Overhead Lines Course – 5 CPD Points

The Planning, Design, and Construction of Overhead Lines course give an in-depth overview of all the relevant aspects of overhead line development. This comprehensive course offers participants the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of overhead line development and to be exposed to the practical aspects of design technology through the use of modern, effective design tools.

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Substation Engineering

Substation engineering training course

Min 10 delegates
Max 20 delegates
SAIEE-1596-RV3 (5 CPD Points)

R18 700,00 pp

11-15 March 2024 | JHB

Substation Engineering Course – 5 CPD Points

This intervention of the Substation Engineering course provides an in-depth overview of all the relevant aspects of substation development such as electrical, civil and structural design, environmental impacts, bay layouts, earthing substation equipment, insulation co-ordination, protection and telecommunications. We provide the course delegate with new technologies, international trends and best practiced construction. The concept of such a comprehensive training intervention is firstly to give all delegates the opportunity to gain a clear understanding and overall appreciation of electrical substations, and secondly to teach the practical aspects of design technology.

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PLS CADD, PLS Tower, PLS Pole training course

Min 10 delegates
Max 20 delegates
SAIEE-1600-V (5 CPD Points)

R 28 000,00 pp

1-5 April 2024 | JHB

PLS-CADD, Tower & Pole Course – 5 CPD Points

The PLS-CADD, TOWER & POLE courses aim to teach upcoming line designers how to apply industry standard line design programs which have been developed by Power Line Systems (PLS) to create accurate, efficient and optimal designs.

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Overhead Lines (M)

Overhead Lines Maintenance training course

Min 10 delegates
Max 20 delegates
SAIEE-1411-V (3 CPD Points)

R15 000,00 pp

Date to be confirmed| JHB

Overhead Line Maintenance – 3 CPD Points

Overhead Line Managers face the ever-growing challenge of keeping their lines maintained and reliable due to environmental factors. By joining TAP’s industry-experienced course facilitators for a 3-day Overhead Line Maintenance course, Line Managers will be brought a step closer to becoming experts in the management and practice of overhead line maintenance.

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Overhead Lines (C)

Overhead Lines Construction Management training course

Min 10 delegates
Max 20 delegates
SAIEE- (3 CPD Points)

R20 460,00 pp

Date to be confirmed | JHB

Overhead Lines Construction Management Course – 3 CPD Points

The Overhead line construction management course was specifically developed to transfer skill and knowledge in the construction of Overhead lines.. Our vision was to provide a comprehensive learner guide addressing all the Overhead line construction activities, to deliver a better quality end product and to eliminate costly rework on site. The end goal is to improve the industry as a whole, and to maintain good industry standards throughout the industry.

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Online Training

TAP offers a 12-month online learning modular course as a distant learning program. This virtual platform creates the opportunity to gain industry related engineering skills from anywhere in the world. (Click here to learn more about  Online Training )

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