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Feasibility Studies

The clients for network planning and studies include utilities, municipalities and industrial clients distributing electricity with the need for master –and network development plans.

The scope covered includes load forecasting (including generation forecasting), both statistical and geo-based, simulation of distribution networks in one of the following packages: Digsilent PowerFacory, PSS/E and ReticMaster, doing load flow and fault level studies. A network is then planned which will be able to sustain the load as forecasted.

Reports will cater for contingencies, voltage profiles and fault levels. If needed, specialist studies, including dynamic, voltage stability transient and harmonic studies to confirm the stability of the networks can be done.

Proposals to the client may include HVDC, HVAC and reactive compensation like STATCOMs and SVCs.

For IPP and International clients, Trans-Africa Projects (TAP) can offer services such as the negotiation of financial modelling of projects, PPAs, wholesale pricing and wheeling charges.

Our work in the past has proven to be a success for clients such as ESKOM, SNEL, EDM, BPC, NAMPOWER, ZESA, MMG, Mainstream and Solar Direct.