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Power line and Substation Audits

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About Power line and Substation Audits

Inspection & Reporting Solutions

Power lines audits comprise different modes of inspection, aerial and or ground level inspections, depending on the specific outcome required by the customer.

These integrity inspections/audits are conducted for all voltage levels (11 kV to 765 kV) and all types of power line support structures, steel, concrete and wood.

The outcome of a Trans-Africa Projects (TAP) line audit report enables an electrical asset owner to identify steps to be taken to achieve a state of safety, availability of supply improvements and service life objectives at an optimal cost.

A line audit inspection sheet is completed for each component of the line.

This comprehensive review list is adapted for each project and comprises the complete line hardware, the support structure and all related hardware attached to the structure/s. Environmental impacts within the servitude of the line; and risk factors outside of the servitude that might have an influence on the integrity line or servitude are recorded and reported with mitigation measures suggested.

The substation audits comprise of two different options depending on the specific requirement from the client. This includes visual inspection of the equipment in the substation including power plant, protection and control plant or a comprehensive audit which will include equipment testing, communication or SCADA testing including protection settings.

The deliverables include an audit report reflecting the results from the audit, including recommendations of equipment which must be replaced or provide recommendations regarding maintenance and refurbishment requirements.

Comprehensive Audit

  • Protection scheme functional and integration testing
  • Protection IED functional testing
  • Control functionality and equipment functional testing
  • Telecommunication and equipment testing
  • Tariff and Statistical Metering testing
  • Protection settings review and testing
  • SCADA tests (local and with control centre)
  • Cable insulation integrity tests and visual condition inspection
  • Design review and verification against as-built drawings
  • Primary Plant equipment functional tests; CT, VT, CVT, Breaker, Isolators, Pantographs, Earth switches, Capacitors, Transformers, Reactors etc
  • Primary Plant equipment structures visual inspection
  • Primary Plant equipment foundations visual inspection
  • Soil resistivity survey
  • Earth resistance test
  • Roads and accessibility assessment (maintenance)
  • Yard coverage assessment
  • Lightning protection assessment
  • Fences and gates inspection
  • Building and facilities inspection
  • Preparation of the substation audit report reflecting the results of the audit including a recommendation of equipment that must be replaced or provide recommendations regarding maintenance requirements
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